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Working across the world in different cultures and in different Industries for 20 years, has given Dr. Jonathan unique insight and knowledge into what makes a business successful.

Regardless of whether you are a large global company or a small, medium enterprise, there is a need to align your product and service to the marketplace. This means your business is able to meet the market demands by developing agile and lean processes which ensure positive cash flow.


Sometimes business targets lack focus and businesses are unable to respond to marketplace changes in a timely manner.


Your people can become demotivated by change and mismanagement. This causes your business processes output (product or service) to be inconsistent. Is this due to the fact that management teams are arguing about why the product and service is inconsistent instead of making sure there is consistency to match market demand. In other words:- ''Idem omnes facere'' which means ''make them all the same''!

There are three key themes to successful business:-

  • Understanding your business targets

  • Managing variation 

  • Managing cash

Dr. Jonathan can help and advise your business how to achieve these goals.

Business Courses
Based on 20 years experience, our Six Sigma courses are ENBIS endorsed and comply with ISO 18404 & ISO 13053​. Please email us for prices

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