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Green Belt Lean Six Sigma - 10 days - on site using the learning in your business.


This course is for employees, run in-house and tailored to the business:- using your data, your shop floor and therefore, the start of your implementation of Six Sigma and Lean.

The course includes all elements of: -

  • BS ISO 13053-1:2011 - Six Sigma Part 1: DMAIC methodology

  • BS ISO 13053-2:2011 - Six Sigma Part 2: Tools and techniques

  • BS ISO 18404:2015 - Six Sigma - Competencies of personnel in relation to Six Sigma and Lean

  • Conceptual model/framework/step by step process for problem solving

  • Other useful tools and techniques not including in BS ISO 13053-2:2011


  • Teaching method: Lecture and practical exercises - an open book exam 

  • Resources: Laptop with EXCEL

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