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Statistical Engineering - 3 days in house



Based on 20 years experience, we have developed a range of courses that we believe will maximize your business prospects.

Aims of the course


To understand the philosophy of Statistical Engineering and how it can be used within a business context. Following the 3 days, it should be possible to do a project within a business and demonstrate use of several key tools and techniques.

Objectives: -  


To learn the principles and applications of Statistical Engineering including: -
•    Definitions used in Statistical Engineering
•    Application of Design of Experiment using Plackett & Burman design
•    Application of Statistical Process Control (SPC)
•    Application of Measurement System Analysis
•    Application of Reliability
•    Application of Graphical methods and Regression modelling

The training outcome is to learn and understand the areas listed above. All the techniques are taught in a practical way either on the shop floor or using a suitable exercise. You should be able to use the techniques to demonstrate improvement within your area of the business.  

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