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Global 8D - 1 day in house

The Global 8D technique was developed by the Ford Motor company as a global standard for problem solving. The D denotes Disciplines and although the method is called Global 8D there are in fact 9 steps in the process. It is widely used across the automotive industry, the method has been applied across a number of differing business sectors.

The Global 8D process provides a framework to address customer problems in a structured and consistent manner. Following this course you will maximize the likelihood of addressing any customer problems, ensuring  the root cause of the problem is determined and fixed.

Aims and Objectives of the course: -  

•    To learn the principles and applications of Global 8D 
•    To demonstrate the application of Global 8D by completing a practical exercise during the course. 
•    To be able to demonstrate the application of Global 8D tools and techniques within daily routines.
•    To be able to advise Management on the application of Global 8D within the organization.

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