Black Belt with Lean Six Sigma - 10 days 

It is sensible to complete the Green Belt course before completing the Black Belt course

This course includes all elements of: -

·         BS ISO 13053-1:2011 Six Sigma Part 1: DMAIC methodology

·         BS ISO 13053-2:2011 Six Sigma Part 2: Tools and techniques

·         BS ISO 18404:2015 Six Sigma - Competencies of personnel in relation to Six Sigma (and Lean)

·         Conceptual model/framework/step by step process for problem solving

·         Other useful tools and techniques not including in BS ISO 13053-2:2011


Teaching method: Lecture and practical exercises

Resources: Laptop with EXCEL


The aim is to teach you how to apply the methods and not how to use a statistical package!


Module 1: Philosophy and Approach

Module 2: Define/Measure Stage – Charter, Process Mapping, Flowcharting, Data Collection

Module 3: Analyse – Pareto, Cause & Effect

Module 4: Some Statistics: Distribution and Sampling Theory

Module 5: Some more Statistics - Hypothesis Testing and Inferential Statistics

Module 6: Statistical Process Control > importance of the ImR charts

Module 7: Capability Analysis

Module 8: Correlation and Regression (Data modelling)

Module 9: Gauge R&R/Attribute Agreement Analysis > Probable error

Module 10: Problem Solving - TRIZ

Module 11: Design of Experiments - all types 

Module 12: Taguchi Methods & Thinking

Module 13: Acceptance Sampling & Taguchi Loss

Module 14: Control Planning

Module 15: Design Validation

Module 16: Tolerance Design

Module 17: Design for Six Sigma and Manufacturing and Assembly

Module 18: Costing of the Project using Company accounting rules

Module 19: Big Data and the future for Six Sigma

Module 20: Six Sigma in a Service context

Module 21: Lean

Open book exam

Project to be completed over the next 6 months

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