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Black Belt with Lean Six Sigma - 10 days in house 

This course is for employees, run in-house and tailored to the business:- using your data, your shop floor and therefore, the start of your implementation of Six Sigma and Lean. It is sensible to complete the Green Belt course before completing the Black Belt course

This course includes all elements of: -

·         BS ISO 13053-1:2011 Six Sigma Part 1: DMAIC methodology

·         BS ISO 13053-2:2011 Six Sigma Part 2: Tools and techniques

·         BS ISO 18404:2015 Six Sigma - Competencies of personnel in relation to Six Sigma (and Lean)

·         Conceptual model/framework/step by step process for problem solving

·         Other useful tools and techniques not including in BS ISO 13053-2:2011


Teaching method: Lecture and practical exercises

Resources: Laptop with EXCEL


The aim is to teach you how to apply the methods and not how to use a statistical package!


Module 1: Philosophy and Approach

Module 2: Define

Module 3: Measure

Module 4: Analysis

Module 5: Improvement 

Module 6: Control phase

Tools and Techniques Modules

Module : Basic Statistics

Module : Correlation and Regression (Data modelling)

Module : MSA

Module : Problem Solving - TRIZ

Module : Design of Experiments - all types 

Module : Statistical Process Control

Module : Process mapping

Module : New Quality Tools

Module : Money and Cash

Module : Charter

Module : Capability Study

Module : Pareto and Cause & Effect

Module : Hypothesis Testing

Module : Six Sigma in a Service context

Module : Lean

Open book exam

Project to be completed over the next 6 months

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