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Lean (Production and Services) 


This course is aimed at companies and ideally will be run in-house and the course will be tailored to the business. Using your data, your shop floor and therefore, the start of your implementation of Lean.

The course includes all elements of: -

  • BS ISO18404:2015 - Competencies of personnel in relation to Lean

    1. Lean Practitioner (3 days) learn all the tools and techniques​

    2. Lean Leader (2 days) learn the skills necessary to Lead your Lean activities

    3. Lean Expert (2 days) learn and demonstrate your expert knowledge in Lean

  • Conceptual model/framework/step by step process for problem solving

  • Other useful tools and techniques and a clear understanding of Lean NOT just within a Toyota Context.

  • Learn that Lean is much more than TPS and that 'a copy cat approach' for your business is wrong.

  • The biggest challenge is the implementation of a Lean system and not just the maintenance of an existing and well established system (such as TPS).

  • The skills required to implement a system are explored and discussed in detail during these courses in particular the Lead Leader and Expert.


  • Teaching method: Lecture and practical exercises

  • Resources: Laptop with EXCEL

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