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Self development for Autumn 2021

Are you or your organisation looking to learn new skills for the Autumn 2021 and beyond.

Learn how to solve problems using data and facts - using the 5W&1H method.

Learn how to use Statistical Process Control charts with no distribution assumptions using Tchebychev's Inequality (picture) to understand your business data and ensure better decision making.

Learning and understanding this inequality removes the complexity often surrounding the use of Statistical Process Control. Using SPC correctly can and will greatly benefit your decision making.

Learn how to assess your measurement techniques using probable error rather than the AIAG MSA method which is both complex and wrong.

Learn how to use Plackett and Burman experiential designs matrix's to build regression models and increase domain knowledge and understanding.

Learn why the TPS approach works so well (Hint in the picture below) . Understand how to implement a sustainable business process for your business using the right tools and techniques from those taught as part of Six Sigma and Lean training.

Why select this training? We have over 20 years of experience, success and stories to tell and help you or your business.

Take a look at the website and see the courses on offer. The training is available both on-line and in situ within your business. All the training follows the ISO18404 standard to ensure your learning meets a minimum standard to ensure 'Proper Lean & Good Six Sigma'.

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