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My professional story starts in 1988 when I joined  Rolls Royce Nuclear, Derby as a graduate Statistician. The job was initially number crunching, later I became shift leader and I used my number crunching to solve problems. The work was exciting and I was able to go aboard a nuclear submarine, an amazing experience. In 1992, I met Celiene and in 1993 we married in Southport and danced to Irish music all night long.
I1995, our son, Piers Paul was born and I completed my Masters (MSc) in Advanced Manufacturing Management. During this time I visited Toyota in Derbyshire and learnt about TPS.  I then implemented elements of TPS, a 'pull' system rather than 'push' into Rolls Royce Nuclear.  This improvement allowed the factory to introduce an automated system of manufacturing similar to Industry 4.0. In 1998, our daughter Grace was born and I completed my MBA and moved jobs to Rolls Royce Headquarters, Derby. I was part of a small team rolling out 'Quality Renaissance', Rolls Royce Quality Strategy. This is where I first learnt about Six Sigma and the importance of reducing variation. I realised I could communicate this message both within Rolls Royce and its customers. About this time, I started to travel, first to Hong Kong  working with Cathay Pacific on a project which led the way for 'power by the hour' and later to Rolls Royce factories in Canada and the RR Foundry in Norway. All the time developing my skills at process improvement and liaising with the customer to ensure satisfaction.
In 2003, we took a risk and set up our own business, Jonathan Smyth-Renshaw & Associates Ltd. Our first client was a self made man, manufacturing aerospace parts and building products: Manthorpe Group, Derbyshire. It was here, for the next year, that I was able to manage a factory with profit and loss and balance sheet accountability. Rolls Royce became another client and I journeyed to Inchinnan, Glasgow as interim Quality Manager. I learnt that I could win over people with the right attitude during that year.
In 2005, I started working with Danfoss, firstly in Denmark, teaching the Lean Team about Six Sigma and later in USA with a small group who became the Master Black Belts within Danfoss Worldwide.
In 2006, I started working with Behr, a Tier 1, global automotive parts supplier. This project lasted for 5 years. The work included consultancy and training in Six Sigma, implemented at board level to shop floor. I worked in USA, Brazil, South Africa, ChinaGermany, Spain and France over these years.
From 2007 through to 2017, I worked with Kingspan on Six Sigma as part of their Operational Excellence Programme. During this time, I was involved in new product development using Design of Experiments. 
In 2010, I travelled around Turkey and worked for EU funded integration projects, with a focus on teaching Lean tools and techniques to production companies. I had an interesting opportunity to work with a farmer in Shropshire who had free range hens and together we doubled egg production capacity to over 80,000 a day. This in response to the legislation regarding caged hens in UK.
In 2011, I taught some clever PhD students about Six Sigma in Ceres Power in Surrey. I worked with 3 NHS continuous improvement managers, teaching Lean and Six Sigma.
Early in 2012, I started consultancy at BTT, Stuttgart working on new product development. This work continued until 2015. During this time I worked in BTT Czech Republic  problem solving and new product development using Design of Experiments
Also in 2012, I went to the Olympics in London and watched GB lose the Volley Ball match - so exciting! I went back to Denmark to DONG, where I taught Six Sigma to the DONG Lean Implementation Team. Later that year, I went to work with MAHLE Austria on a new product, having successfully completed this project, I was asked by MAHLE India to work in the supplier network for another new automotive product. In 2013, I travelled around India and was based in Chennai. I realised how good the Japaneses companies had been at working with their suppliers and used this knowledge to ensure success in India.
It was during this time that I realised how much I had learnt about problem solving and although my precise research topic was unshaped, I enrolled, as a part time student, on a PhD degree at the University of Liverpool. In 2018, I graduated with my Doctorate, my thesis titled 'A four step fact based framework for solving product quality problems'. During this time, I began teaching post graduate students about Six Sigma at University.
In 2014, I worked with FLOW, energy provider based in Capenhurst and Ipswich as Interim Quality Manager. From 2015 to 2017, I worked with DMM North Wales the only manufacturer of mountaineering equipment in UK. Working with the management team, improvement tools and techniques were embraced and implemented throughout the factory.
In 2016, I worked with Dakin Flathers, Featherstone UK on implementing advanced continuous improvement tools and techniques with key personnel. In 2017, I worked with Liquibox UK  on Six Sigma implementation with the management team.
Since 2017 most of my time has been spent in Hambach, France  working with MAHLE Behr France. This is a Tier 1 automotive supplier. During the last three years, I worked as a consultant implementing a cultural change programme, on the shopfloor and with the technical staff to automate the factory operations. I worked in the supplier network to address quality problems which caused internal problems and stopped the flow of production. This project involved Agile and Industry 4.0 and is still ongoing.......   
Most of my work has been substantial however, I have had the opportunity to work on smaller projects during the last 20 years including:- BE Seating, Northern Ireland, Access Community Services, Southport, SPACE Construction, Liverpool, JAS Scaffolding, Sunderland County Council University of Huddlesfi and Unilever. 
Since 2002, I have been a member of ENBIS (European Network of Business and Industrial Statistics). At the annual conference, based at different European Universities, I have presented papers and led seminars:-
  • Athens 2008 - Design for Six Sigma
  • Gothenburg 2009 - 'Who stole SPC.?' 
  • Antwerp 2010 - Rebranding statistical thinking 
  • Coimbrai 2011 - Six Sigma, a new approach
  • Ljubljana 2012 - Problem definition using 4W and 1H 
  • Ankara 2013 - New 'Quality' Tools
  • Linz 2014 - Tolerance Design with EXCEL / Update on the 5W&1H Problem Definition Method
  • Prague 2015 - Big Data - Update / Sampling plans and Lean Systems
  • Sheffield 2016 - ISO 13053 and ISO 18404 - Have you read these standards?
  • Sheffield 2016 - AQL tables and Lean thinking
  • Nancy 2018 - Is it time for the fishbone diagram to retire?
  • Barcelona 2019 - Statistical Engineering - my view
  • Budapest 2019 - Statistical LEGO
I have also spoken at the Six Sigma German Club (two times) the first speaker to present in English!

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